Why sketching is essential to boost your creativity

Jan 14, 2022 | News

Why sketching is essential to boost your creativity

Having a drawing practice offers the gift of putting ideas on paper to explore them and figure out what we want to do next, what product or princess we can design, or simply to get your creative juices flowing.

Creatives like us are often caught up in perfectionism and overthinking, but sketching is really the opposite. It’s a low stakes practice that lets us discover new ideas or improve on current ones.

 Here’s a little bit on how I started sketching consistently, and how it’s helped me a lot during my creative journey!

 My History with Sketching

 I have an art background, so I’m familiar with sketching. I started when I was about 7 years old, and I went to an artist’s studio to study with her. Later on, I started learning more complex techniques for realistic drawing and how to use different mediums like oil, watercolour and pastels.

 I used my drawing practice every morning to align myself and concentrate. It helped motivate me and gave me a more positive attitude before the day started. Creatively, it allowed me to align my thoughts and sparked my creative process.

By the age of 17, I was a decent artist, so I decided to enrol in fashion design. But then came sewing. I couldn’t sew at all so I dropped it! I ended my fashion design career early in my twenties.

I still sketched for fun, but it no longer became a serious routine as it once was. That is, until recently…

 My drawing practice 

After dropping fashion design, I didn’t think sketching would become a consistent and significant part of my life ever again. Then, one day, I was creating some doodles for my daughter’s lunch box when it hit me that I was sketching 5 times a week!

I started with simple doodles for my daughter, Maria, and then I started creating more complex designs every day because she wanted me “to create more interactive pieces”. And I had an epiphany: I had restarted my drawing practice!

Because she began requesting more complicated designs, I had to start my creative engine again. I began incorporating themes and creative ideas until I recognized this process as something very familiar from my designing days. I even took notes!

My Lunchbox Notes for my Daughter

Here are some of the notes I took!

– I pick a theme that is interesting for her (horseback riding, gardening, vintage cartoons, etc.)

– Once I know the theme, I do a quick sketch in my Moleskine or on any piece of paper I have handy (this usually happens around 10 pm)

– I keep a container with basic art materials in my kitchen; while I’m doing my sketch for her, I’m also preparing breakfast (about 7:30 in the morning everyday)


You can see the “behind the scenes” in my TikTok Channel

I also have a simple recipe for my sketches:

Step 1: work on an idea the night before and sketch it in my sketchbook

Step 2: the morning of my drawing practice, I take my idea from the night before and sketch it on the lunchbox

Step 3: I complete my sketch with markers on watercolor, I cut the pieces and voila! Her lunch box is ready to be packed with some delicious food!


Without thinking, I’ve created an amazing routine for myself. Every morning now, I really need to get started by doing my sketch. It sparks my creative brain and helps me disconnect from the world—for 15-20 minutes there are no issues, no stresses.

How can you use sketching for work

Sketching isn’t just about art! It’s about putting ideas on paper. Next time, if you have an idea for a business or a project, sketch it or at least write it down. Seeing it in real life will help you get those creative juices flowing!