Visual Thinking Coach

Put your vision on paper!

Sketch it! Use the power of sketching to better communicate your ideas!
Meaningful, easy to remember, and fun strategies that make an impact.

About me

Hello! I’m Pina Russo, your Visual Thinking Coach: My mission is simple, I help people to draw so that they can visualize complex information or processes, and put their ideas and talent to work through simple sketching techniques. If you can visualize it, that is half of the battle – let me coach you on how to put it on paper!


Pina Russo

3 things I can help you with:

You will learn how to visualize and communicate through sketching and business visualization – and more importantly, making your work and impact more meaningful, easy to remember, and fun!

Sketching for Business

Understand Business Drawing techniques and learn in no time to:

  • Transfer ideas by drawing
  • Create your own visuals for business communication
  • Develop skills and courage to work on fast visualisations


Productize your talent

Identify your core strengthsand how you can use your experience to:


  • Identify who your idea customer is and how to solve its problem
  • Create different recurring monetization models
  • Design simple models that anybody can use

Sketching for Product Design

Generate product concepts that are completely new: sketching is faster and more direct than making a physical model and more useful for getting your ideas out for further refinement.

My sessions include:

  • The Ideation Process
  • Create your first product sketch
  • Present your sketch prototype

My School

Toronto Design Academy

Online Monetization for creators

  • Buyer Targeting
  • Path to Purchase
  • Platforms
  • Pricing Models

Productize your talent

  • Discover your unique value proposition
  • How to position your personal Brand
  • How to create a digital product
  • How to promote your work with free tools
  • How to get free PR and more!

Selling Luxury

  • What is Luxury and how influences place branding
  • Who is the new consumer and how to attract it
  • What has changed in the luxury traveling industry

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